Performance Coatings Through Science

Armorix Inc.

Performance coatings through science
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what we do

Formulate and Manufacture performance coatings
Coating Formulation

Using leading edge technology our chemists will custom formulate products to overcome current industry challenges.

Coating Manufacturing

Our business is manufacturing and distribution of our specialized coatings, with capabilities to produce up to 2000 gallon/day.


We offer testing services through our state of the art lab facility and industry partners. Contact us for a range of testing offered.

Performance Coatings

Finishing with science

Anti-Fouling Coatings


OLEOFLO 250 is a high performance anti-fouling coating designed to protect metal equipment exposed to chemical attack and susceptible to undesired particle build-up at high temperatures and pressures. OLEOFLO 250 is formulated to exhibit a high gloss finish and low coefficient of friction, thus inhibiting the adhesion of particles to the surface. Its high hardness allows the coating to be used at high temperatures without losing its outstanding physical properties as well as its anti-fouling properties.

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Coatings for Faux Finishes


 AEONIC 300 is our high performing coating that produces a textured matte finish, with gloss readings near zero. AEONIC 300 is a coating which exhibits, not only faux-rock appearance and texture, but also shows excellent longevity in application.These characteristics, along with its infinite pot life and fast drying times makes AEONIC 300 a superior choice in faux finish coatings.

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Glass Coatings


ViviGlaze is a our line of waterborne coatings developed for application on hard substrates such as glass and ceramic surfaces.  This single component coating cures at ambient temperatures and produces an ultra hard finish which is highly moisture resistant.

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Self-Healing Coatings

In Development

We are currently in development of a self-healing topcoat. This coating will have the ability to repair itself from scratches and marring. With this ability the coating will be able to maintain a high gloss finish. 

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Coating Formulation

Finishing with Science

Product Development

Innovative formulation, from the ground up, resulting in customized coating solutions that showcase the science of innovation.

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Product enhancement

Analysis of existing chemistry to produce tailored products to meet your specific needs and improve your coating's function.

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