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Fouling, the deposition and accumulation of unwanted materials on heat transfer surfaces, negatively affects the efficiency of equipment. It decreases the heat transfer coefficient, reduces the circumference of the fluid path, increases pressure drop across the equipment and speeds up corrosion.

Fouling is a complex dynamic phenomenon which is time dependent and a consequence of several different mechanisms. Types include particulate, scaling or crystallization, biological, corrosion and chemical or coking fouling. Fouling is a serious and costly problem, especially in the oil & gas as well as the high temperature processing chemical industries.

OLEOFLO 250 is an anti-fouling non-stick coating which when applied presents a high gloss, low friction surface with surface roughness (Ra) less than 50 nm. Because of its significantly low surface energy, OLEOFLO 250 coatings are amphiphobic, repelling both water and oil from the surface at room temperature and at high temperatures of up to 250 °C. Coatings submerged in chemical solvents such as xylene and MEK for 7 days show little to no change in the coating surface.

OLEOFLO 250 has a long pot life of several days, and typically applied at 4-7 mils thickness, and is useful in several applications such as compressor blades and diaphragms, crude oil containing tanks, heat exchanger surfaces and any other surface requiring non-stick and anti-coking properties.

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Repels both Oil and Water

OLEOFLO 250 cures to a glossy surface with a low coefficient of friction, offering little to no resistance to fluid flow. Amphiphobicity is very important in mitigating fouling and this coating has a surface energy low enough to prevent both oil and water from adhering to it. Water beads up and quickly rolls off the coated surface, while oil easily flows off the surface without fouling it.

Thermal Stability

Maintains Properties at
High Temperatures

OLEOFLO 250 is a non-reactive thermally stable coating, built from a combination of organic and inorganic matrix materials. OLEOFLO 250 can be used in service at temperatures as high as 250 °C while maintaining its amphiphobic properties as well as a high resistance to a variety of chemicals included harsh aromatic solvents.

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Abrasion Resistant Coating

OLEOFLO 250 is a high impact and abrasion resistant coating: components of the fluid flowing in the equipment often have abrasive effects on the walls of the equipment which potentially expose the surface to corrosive damage. OLEOFLO 250 shows resistance to impact up to 1.95J and deformation from material with hardnesses up 6H.


Applied with Conventional
Equipment at Ambient Conditions

The OLEOFLO 250 formulation once mix is ready to spray and has a pot life greater than 3 hours. OLEOFLO 250 is applied to the desired surface it dries in hours and fully cures at room temperature. The properties set OLEOFLO 250 apart as a truly unique coating that can be applied both by the original equipment manufacturer and in the field for equipment currently in service.

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