Performance Coatings Through Science

"Applying chemistry to the surface"

Product Development

Scientific research and development

Our product development begins with a strong foundation in chemistry. This knowledge is enhanced through partnership opportunities with universities and technical colleges, coating associations and an ongoing desire to follow the cutting edge research in the chemistry world. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of coatings, as well as a great understanding of our clients' work and requirements for durable coatings.

From our thorough understanding of how chemistry works in the industry, we are able to anaylse specific client issues. Our research begins with our clients needs. By analysing their requirements, we are able to research possible coating solutions. Through our research, we are able to gain a wholistic understanding of our clients' needs, in order to develop the optimal product. As we follow the scientific process, our coating formulas are tested in our full coatings lab. Modifications in the formulation process are made to allow the coating to achieve peak performance through science. With state of the art lab and testing equipment, Armorix is able to stand apart from the competition by actively applying chemistry to the surface.


Applying Chemistry to the Surface

Scientific Steps
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