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The Metallix floor coating give a smooth durable finish that is easy to clean. In the pictures below we show a concrete floor coated with the Metallix Floor Coating. The pictures are taken after a second Northern Alberta winter. The property owners took pictures before cleaning and after pressure washing the floor. They also provided the following feedback:

"The new floor is so smooth, just like glass... sweeping up is nice and easy. Compared to our old floor, which was a workout!"

"I like the fact that water now runs down the floor drain. During floor prep I was able to grind concrete around the drain and the coating flowed into the low spots and leveled the slope. Another comment would be the coating is tough. I have skid pallets of wood acroos the floor, salt and oil stained the floor and after pressure wash the coating it looks like new"

"it makes the garage nice and bright"

After the second Alberta winter the floor needs a spring rinse before summer.

After a cleaning with a pressure washer and a squeegee the floor is good as new and ready for summer.

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Application Instructions

Follow our detailed instructions to ensure a successful application of the Metallix Floor Coating.


Review Metallix Floor Coating performance after exposure to northern canadian winters.

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