Performance Coatings Through Science

"The source of innovative products and customized solutions in the coatings world"


Formulation and Performance

ARMORIX Inc. is an independent paint and coating manufacturer that specializes in the formulation of high performance coatings. The coatings we produce are developed with inherent properties which allow for specific industry applications. Using a strong foundation in chemistry, we are able to tailor make solutions that truly showcase the science of innovation.

Research is the heart of ARMORIX and from that, our development process grows. With a full coatings lab, containing state of the art equipment, ARMORIX is able to analyse industry needs and research viable solutions. By assessing customer needs, we are able to develop optimal products founded on the building blocks of chemistry.

We are not simply selling paint, we are applying science to the surface.

Our vision is to be the source of innovative products and customized solutions in the coatings world. We do this by challenging industry standards in order to increase efficiency and maximize surface durability while enhancing product quality for the end user.  Our coatings provide customized solutions based on industry needs and are backed by scientific research. 

We provide unique coating solutions for applications that go beyond the standard coatings used today. Whether that entails a topcoat that is self-cleaning, or a anti-corrosive coating for steel with the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, we are always looking for ways to improve the coatings world. We formulate our products with specialized inherent properties that arm our clients with the ARMORIX Advantage.


The Armorix Advantage takes our coatings beyond industry standards to help maximize the application to your surfaces.  This is our guarantee to amaze our clients by equipping each of our coatings with specialized inherent properties.  These distinct properties are unique to the Armorix line of products and allow us to challenge current industry standards and surpass expectations in the coatings world.