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Waterborne Chemistry

ViviGlaze was designed to offer a waterborne, environmentally friendly coating specifically designed for applications on commercial and residential glass.  ViviGlaze produce a vibrant colored finish that has extremely high hardness and resistance to marring and scratching. The physical durable of ViviGlaze makes it a suitable choice for manufactures of back painted glass that might ensure damage during packaging, shipping or installation.

ViviGlaze is light stable this is important in maintaining the factory brilliant finish. After years of exposure to harmful UV light ViviGlaze will not yellow which ensures easy replacement of glass panels that may be broken in service.

The finish produced by ViviGlaze is outstanding but it is only one of the advantages. Another advantageous property of ViviGlaze is the application properties. ViviGlaze was developed to be used in a high throughput production environment. VivGlaze is one component so it eliminates the need for paint mixing through-out the shift. ViviGlaze dries extremely fast, this allows for it to be handled or baked minutes after application.

Another advantage of ViviGlaze is it does not contain isocyanates, bisphenol A or hazards amines. This allows for maximum worker safety for applicators that are applying the same material every day. ViviGlaze is contains a low amount of solvent which reduces the risk of fires and compliance for material storage.

ViviGlaze can help streamline manufacturing throughput and increase worker safety. ViviGlaze does not sacrifice any performance attributes to deliver a water based formulation. Contact us for more information.

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Chemically Bonds
to Glass and Ceramic

Outstanding Adhesion
preventing chipping and peeling

ViviGlaze was developed specifically for adhesion to hard substrates such as glass and ceramic surfaces. The mechanism for outstanding adhesion is the chemical bonds that are forms between the ViviGlaze and substrate. These chemical bonds prevent cracking, chipping, and delamination that other coatings may experience.

Quick Drying
for High Throughput

Fast Drying Reduces
Long Wait Times in Factory Setting

ViviGlaze was developed for manufacturing applications specifically high paced production environments. One advantage of the ViviGlaze is the speed of drying to touch and to handle, resulting in high throughput and low wait times.

Outstanding Resistance to Moisture and Yellowing

No blistering or loss of adhesion
from moisture ingress

ViviGlaze has an inherent resistance to hydrolysis caused by moisture ingress even at elevated temperatures. ViviGlaze also has an inherent resistance to yellowing caused by exposure to UV light. The light fastness of ViviGlaze ensures maximum longevity of vivid colors.

Waterbased Chemistry

Minimal Environmental Impact
and Safety Concerns

ViviGlaze was formulated using water based chemistry to minimize the environmental impact caused by harmful solvents. Additionally the ViviGlaze does not have the flammibility concerns associated with solvent based systems. ViviGlaze is a great fit for companies that put a high importance on safety and the environment.

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Ultra Hard Enamel Finish

Fast Dry Times

UV and Moisture Resistant
Architectural Glass used in commerical buildings.
Glass Tiles, Backsplashes
Ceramic Tiles