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AEONIC for Faux Finishes

Easy application for a durable finish

High Performance Architectural Finish

Waterborne Chemistry

Armorix Inc. has developed a coating which exhibits, not only faux-rock appearance and texture, but also shows excellent longevity in application.  AEONIC is our new, high performing coating that produces a textured matte finish, with gloss readings near zero.  These characteristics, along with its infinite pot life and fast drying times makes AEONIC a superior choice in faux finish coatings. 

Real world applications of similar faux finish coatings do not stand up to their environment.  This results in a faded appearance and damaged finishes.  AEONIC has been tested against competitive products in the industry and proves to outlast the competition.  

With many faux finishes, damage occurs to the factory product during transportation and installation.  This can lead to high replacement costs and a sub-standard product for the end user.  The high hardness of AEONIC prevents scratching and marring caused by conditions typically seen in transport and installation.  

Once the faux finish is applied and the product installed, competitive products have shown a diminished appearance due to exposure to UV light and humidity. This results in chalking, yellowing and fading.  Testing, using AEONIC compared against competitive products, shows that AEONIC is able to outperform through its inherent ability to maintain the factory finish.

We also found that many finishes currently used in the market, lose their factory appearance due to dirt adhering to the surface of the coating.  This occurs because of the rough, porous surface of the coating, resulting in a high susceptibility for dirt pick up. AEONIC provides the rock-like texture and appearance, while still maintaining excellent dirt pick up resistance, resulting in an everlasting factory finish.

AEONIC is truly a remarkable product which has been tested to show excellent resilience and durability, while maintaining a pristine faux finish for the end user.

Armorix Advantage

Creating Coatings with Distinction

Realistic Ultra Matte Finish with Natural Feel

Perfect Rock Feel
and Finish

AEONIC cures to a perfect ultra matte finish at viewing angles from 20° to 90° giving the perfect natural appearance. In addition to its natural look, the surface feels like stone. The extremely low gloss and high hardness gives life to your faux finish. AEONIC truly will make your faux finish real.

Extremely Durable
Enamel Surface

Preventing damage during shipping, installation and in service.

 The hardness of AEONIC is significantly higher than conventional coatings and most industrial finishes. This high standard of hardness is key to preventing scratch damage. AEONIC is also resistant to both marring and burnishing caused by rubbing or micro scratches. AEONIC maintains its enamel-like surface even after exposure to elevated levels of humidity and temperature.

Superior Exterior Endurance UV Resistant Polymer

Reducing Warranty Claims due to Chalking and Fading

AEONIC has been exposed to over 5000 hours of accelerate weathering and shown superior weather resistance over competitive products. Testing has shown that AEONIC finished surfaces do not chalk, crack, blister, peel or yellow in exterior weathering. As a result,  AEONIC will extend the service life of any exterior faux finish.

Outstanding Aesthetic Resilience

Minimal amount of cleaning required to maintain the showroom finish

AEONIC finishes are inherently self-cleaning, with a low affinity to collect dirt.  In current industry coatings, a build-up of dirt negatively affects the faux finish, resulting in the need for professional cleaning or product replacement.  With AEONIC, the surface resists dirt building up and moreover, natural rain fall actually rinses the finish clean as water flows across the surface

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Best in Class Dirt-Pickup Resistance

Industrial Grade Hardness

UV Resistant Polymer
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